First game in the #3Mermen series!

We’re happy to announce the first game in the #3mermen series…¬†Tail Wrestling! (like Over The Top… with your tail!).

Tail Wrestling Poster!

We’re currently developing it, adding lots of features from different game genres such us tapping games, reaction games, simulation games, RPGs and point-and-click adventures… WHAT?

The game is going to be released¬†for Android and iOS in the following months (more platforms to be announced). Sorry if we are not more specific, but you know… INDIE DEVS.

While we develop the game, we’ll be sharing lots of stuff, including a devlog, gameplay gifs, screenshots and REAL MERMEN INTERVIEWS.

So prepare yourself… 2016 is going to be the year of the mermen!

nicoFirst game in the #3Mermen series!

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