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01 LCD splicing screen solution LCD splicing screen solution

LCD splicing screen adopts original LCD panel from Samsung, LG and BOE, which is stable and reliable in quality. The trouble-free operation time of the whole machine is more than 60,000 hours, and it supports continuous power on and use 24 hours a day. The LCD adopts ultra-narrow bezel design with stitching gap ≤0.88mm. The resolution is close to 3840×2160;Screen visual Angle not less than 178 degrees, moderate brightness (low bright 520 CD /㎡, high bright 700cd/㎡), high contrast (5000:1), high color saturation,to ensure excellent display effect.

02 Oled display screen solution OLED display screen solution

OLED ultra-thin flexible splicing screen, transparent and elastic, with flexible surface. It adopts organic light-emitting diode technology, which is not only lighter and thinner, but also has low energy consumption, high brightness, good luminous rate, and can display pure black, but also can bend, which is praised as "dream display".OLED has a unique spontaneous light , thin and transparent design, which perfect combines science and art , naturally integrates into high-end living space.

03 Intelligent conference solution Intelligent conference solution

Intelligent meeting tablets, specially designed for modern conference, intelligent conference system covers writing, presenting, collaborative, three big meeting required functionality in the scene, can follow one's inclinations the expansion of the peripheral equipment, easy to build application scenarios you want meeting, broke the traditional meeting model of bondage and collaboration boundary limit, easily implement wireless connection between end to end, between people across time and space connection, these can bring effective collaborative office way, improve the image of the company.

04 VR / AR virtual display application VR / AR virtual display application

VVR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are technologies that combine the virtual world with the real world.Virtual objects or Spaces are used to blur human perception and reconstruct it, thus overlapping the virtual world with the real world.The core value of VR technology is to improve the audience's audiovisual experience in the virtual world. AR is able to integrate virtual information into the real world for display.With the development of virtual reality technology, high new technology in the field of display is about to rise.

05 COB small micro-spacing screen COB small micro-spacing screen

COB, The small and micro-spacing screen adopts LED light source and low-light and high-gray technology. The contrast ratio is up to 5000:1, which makes the display picture soft and comfortable.High refresh rate, high contrast, ultra wide viewing Angle, broadcast level gray processing, so that the image no distortion, real picture, no rainbow effect.Seamless splicing, infinite splicing.Super long life, can be used for more than 8 years, support 7×24 hours of uninterrupted work.Modular design, strong sense of modern, super stable, almost trouble-free.




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